Saturday, January 28, 2012

Atik is 19 son Atik Zaki Ridhwan is coming to be 19 on the 30 January 2012.. celebrated his birthday earlier because he has to be back at college today. So we as parents uhmm even though the child is turning 19, he is still our baby. How time flies....I have mixed feelings..happy that he has grown up to be what any parent would dream their kids to be..sad that soon he will finish college and start his own family and owhh out of my nest..under my wings no more..(misty eyed)..whatever it is I loved you very much son..Happy birthday..and to the rest..I love all of you as much and hope u all will follow your brother's footstep...muaaahhh..

Birthday boy 19 on the 30 Janury 2012

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With his buddies

Mums bakes

His birthday cake - DFC with salted caramel buttercream and topped with choc ganache

My hydrangeas cupcakes

The spread

The spread part 2
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