Friday, February 26, 2010

Sup Bayam

This is a dish normally you would eat at the Chinese restaurants..used to have them at Bangsar Seafood uhmm x yah p lah kut..bolih buat sendiri..hiks x 3

For those yang x tau lah..this is the recipe..senang lah sangat..I punyer lah anyway..

Baby bayam, washed and cut
Ikan bilis stock cube
Garlic and shallots, thinly sliced
Water to make the soup, as u like them
Salt to taste but careful, the fried ikan bilis is already a bit salty
Ikan bilis - the little white ones only, washed and fried

Just fry the shallots and garlic till golden brown, add water and wait till it boil. Meantime, throw in the ikan bilis stock cube. Once the soup is boiling, add in the baby bayam. Simmer for 3 minits and switch off the fire.
Spoon the soup into a bowl and ready to serve. Before u put the soup on the table, add the fried ikan bilis..enjoy.

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