Friday, February 26, 2010


My friend Zarina wrote on her wall to say she made Banana Peknga for tea on Wednesday..she mooted the idea and give me something to look forward for tea/dinner for me..the rain was coming down hard, I was also working hard with my maid to make these pekngas . She made the accompaniment which is the sambal ikan bilis..I was sweating in the kitchen but i had to make it..when the call is so loud , it become a necessity to answer the call..hehehe..

Where does peknga originate? Can someone tell me..I know my mum used to make them when we are young..also don't know whether other states make them or not..or is it asli Kedah??

All purpose flour
Kelapa parut
Egg (optional)

Mix all together into a soft dough, macam buat cucur udang tu..then u put a spoonful on the flat/shallow pan with very little oil and flip till both side is brown. Just like u r making pancakes..once brown on both sides..dah siap..

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