Sunday, February 21, 2010


It's been too long since my last update..was confused because ada orang have the same blog name as me...uhmmm so I was thinking apa nama nak taruh sooo I ended up with My Fadelicious..mcm ler tere sangat nama ni but it's mine..

It's that time of the month second son Atik's 17th ohh my he is already 17..dah besar anak mama..HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATIK..

The above cake is Toffee Banana Layered Cake uhmmm..loved it but I think it is too sweet for me.hehehe..

There's Atik, Aman and of course Sarah all..ever ready to help blow the candles..

Made Olio Aglio..or is it the other way around..hey it is Aglio Olio..the recipe is from Malaysia Best website.but of course I add and minus some ingredients but it still is good and easy dish..especially when u have guests..

1 portion of spaghetti – Cook according to instruction

Stir fry a few cloves of chopped garlic and 2 stalks of dried chillies with generous amount of olive oil.

Add some chicken stock or a cube of chicken granules stock.

Add sea food like prawn, squid,crab sticks, scallops etc..

I added mushrooms - can be button, dried (of course u must soak it first hehehe) even those oyster ones are good and some parmesan cheese.

I also add capsicum and aubergines( I stir fry it a bit first)..

Add in the cooked spaghetti and flavour with salt, black pepper and herbs (optional).
If you have chicken stock, then the taste will be better.

The spaghetti will be a little moist but not soupy. Enjoy..I used cut chillie padis on the side..the author recommends cut or crushed dried chillies on top of it..please try..

The author's recommendation:
The Spaghetti aglio olio is a versatile dish which you can add stuffs like sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, olives, egg plant or anything to bulk it up and give variety to its taste. Otherwise, it tastes just as good on its own. Especially suitable for Asian tastebuds like ours!

I made Caesar's Salad ..recipe I have given earlier and also mini sausage easy to make that we have the ready made pastries in the supermarket.

I also made mushroom soup..uhmmm check out my mushroom soup recipe next time..

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