Friday, February 26, 2010

Steam Fish

I seldom have steam fish because I am not good at steaming..sometimes too long..the fish becomes rubbery and too short.. the fish is rare and uncooked.

I went to Tesco just before Chinese New Year and found a lot of Chinese house wife picking up these fishes. I went up to one of them and asked them..what's so special about this fish? She told me that this fish is good for steaming and normally they have this fish for their reunion is called Ikan Bawal Emas..yes..I went home with two of the fishes and have it god I went back again the next day and bought 4 wonder they grab all these fishes for their reunion dinners..definitely best steam fish dish I have ever tasted ..

1 Ikan Bawal Emas
Young ginger , finely sliced and cut lengthwise
Chinese parsley, roughly chopped
Sesame oil
2 tablespoon Light soya sauce

Heat up the steamer. Place the fish in a heatproof dish. Pour sesame oil on top of the fish, then the light soya sauce and topped with the young ginger.

Put the fish in the steamer for at least 15 minutes and just check whether fish is cooked. If it is ready, before serving just sprinkle the chopped chinese parsley on top. Enjoy the best steam fish I have ever had..shared with u..

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