Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Was going through some recipes last night and suddenly I came across the laksam..OMG it has been sometime since I made here it is and I enjoyed it to the max..

For the laksam

Beli jer chee chong fun yg kat supermarket or use koay teow if u cannot find the chee chong fun

Celur with hot water and toss. For the CCF, potong bulat2 about 1 inch in length or suka ati lah.

For the gravy:

2 bjij bawang besar
2 biji bawang putih
2 tin tuna chunks
halia 1 inch
santan kotak M&S - 250 gm
3 keping asam gelugor
tangkai bunga kantan - potong2
1 kiub stok ikan bilis
garam dan gula secukupnya

Blend the first 4 items on the list and pour into the pot. Add water to make the gravy.
Add asam gelugor, bunga kantan
Let it boil and add santan then simmer for 10 minutes on low fire.
Add kuib stok, garam n gula to taste.
Simmer another 10 minutes and dah jadi..

For the topping

5-6 strings of kacang panjang dipotong bulat2
1 biji bawang besar di potong nipis
daun kesom
bunga kantan - d ptong bulat2

For the sambal

Cili merah dan sm cili padi
garam n gula
asam limau

Blend the cili, belacan then add garam, gula and limau nipis to taste.

Assemble as above..

Walaaaa.....isn't it easy...ENJOY

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