Friday, May 14, 2010

Mango Trifle

Yes, mango season is back..went to Chow Kit to buy my tempe and thw whole area is full of got to get some.

Mango is actually nice to eat but a taboo as it is loaded with sugar. Not my best friend but then it's nice in small amounts. And I have left over chocolate cake in the it's time for way..simple yet nice.

Makes 12 small bowls

3 Mangoes, cut into slices
Chocolate cake ..cut into small squares
250 ml pack Whipped cream


Put the cut chocolate cake into the 12 individual bowls.
Lightly whip the whipped cream and pour the whipped cream over the cake.
Then just top it with cut mangoes and off into the fridge it goes to cool it for 1-2 hours..

Easy to make right..happy trying.. :)

U can vary and put nuts and chocolate sauce on it if u want to..

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