Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Curry Puffs

Again after browsing through her site, I felt like having some Curry Puffs, been some time since I had some. So I made it today as tea time treats..

Here is the recipe if u want to have a go at it..feel free to try is definitely very crispy and nice..


Ingredients :
500g flour
200 g margarine
cold water (from the refrigerator)
salt to taste

Method :

1. In a large bowl, rub the flour and margarine to resemble bread crumbs.
2. Mix together salt and cold water and stir till salt dissolved. Pour a little at a time into the breadcrumbs.
3. Mix till a soft dough is formed.
4. Roll thin, cut using around cutter or using the brim of a cup, depending on the size that you want.
5. Place the filling in the middle and fold into half moon.
6.Seal the currypuffs and fry till golden brown.


Ingredients :

1 cup minced chicken or minced meat
1 onion ~ blended
2 garlic ~ chopped
250g potatoes ~ diced
1 onion ~ diced
2 tablespoons curry powder (mix with a bit of water to form a paste)
a bit of water
salt to taste curry leaves ~ for fragrance cooking oil

Method :

1. Boil the diced potato till slightly soft.
2. Heat oil and put in the blended onion, garlic and curry leaves till soft and fragrant.
3. Add in the curry paste and stir well.
4. Add in minced chicken or meat, diced onion, potato, salt and water.
5. When there's no water left, remove from heat and let it cool.

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