Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pincuk Buah Ste

Haaa....introducing buah2an tempatan dari Alor Star, Kedah. My friend Rosnah Mahmood found it at the Simpang Kuala morning her for that..I have forgotten how nice to eat these fruits. My late dad always klu jumpa some of these, x banyak 1-2 pieces pon he will definitely bring them with him when he comes to my house..

This is buah Ste ( pronounced seteh) bigger than buah Stoi, same species but smaller in size. I placed a grade A egg just to show u the size of the fruit. You can eat the fruit as it is but must remove the outer rough layer of the skin. Nice when u sprinkle some salt over it..

Another way, the way my late mum used to make favorite..finger licking and head scratchingly hot..wickeddddd..but yummmyyyyy..

All u need is the following:

2-3 pieces of Ste (washed and peeled the outer skin, use the knive and make groves on the flesh and placed in a salted water solution)
10 pieces dried chilli
1 inch belacan
4 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp soya sauce
1/2 cup of peanuts (roasted and roughly pounded)
1/4 cup dried shrimps (roasted and pounded)

Pound the dried chillies , belacan and sugar till well mixed. Tranfer to a large bowl, add the pounded peanuts, pounded dried shrimps, the soya sauce and lastly the fruit. Break the fruit into pieces and mixed well and serve....

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