Tuesday, May 7, 2013


 My 3rd , Alya Yasmin, turned 19 years old on the 1st of May.....aww everyone was busy helping me out and also making sure they are back to join us for her birthday celebration. It was a family thingy....n I am happiest when everyone is at home and at the table.

Greens with apple, tomatoes and capsicum 

The spread - now we reduce whenever possible but it still fills up the table.
There is garlic bread, salad, fried butter rice and the gravy for chicken.

Black pepper baked chicken leg

Amar and Amin digging in to the food. 

The multi flavored crepe aka Alya's birthday cake 

uhmmm this toddler is forver hungry hehehe 

All my boys and Alya..minus Abah. with our two cucus.. 

uhmmm everyone wants a hand in blowing the candles ..practice  practice..

all lighted up and ready to blow... 

owhhh look who is at it... 

hahaha...again again againn..

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