Sunday, October 16, 2011

Healthy Bites

Have u seen these served at one of the Nonya styled outlets..I had lunch at this outlet and I saw this lady eating away without much guilt..gnawing into the salad roll. As I was about to pay at the counter, I asked the cashier quickly showing her to the table..owwhh she said..something which I cannot comprehend. Anyway, I really do not know what is the actual content of the fillings but I guess it must along this :


2 bulb of garlic
1 turnip (sengkuang) - skin the turnip and grated
1 - 2 carrots, grated
a head of lettuce
25 gm dried prawns
2 tablespoon of cooking oil
salt, black pepper

1. Crush the garlic;
2. Heat up the pan, pour the cooking oil and put the crushed garlic till it is golden;
3. Put in the dried prawn, grated turnips and grated carrot;
4. Stir fry till the mix is cooked, add some salt and black pepper to taste;
5. Cool it slightly;
6. Clean the head of lettuce and dry the lettuce;

To assemble:

Shred the lettuce like little plates and spoon the vegetable mix on the lettuce n roll it.. EAT n ENJOY...yummms

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