Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kuih Kapiit Penang

It has been awhile since I last went to Penang...especially to stay at The Gurney..used to have lovely holidays with the kids, the rooms were perfect and I can just leave the kids at the pool whilst enjoying a quite nap in the room..uhmmm those were the days..anyway, I revisited it recently, it was still as it was many years ago..only the outlets outside have changed and this time we , my hubby and me, did not stay but had coffee at the Coffee Bean on the patio overlooking the sea as well eating our grub we bought along Batu Ferringhi....watching the cars passing by whilst enjoying the breeze ..what a lovely afternoon it was.

This is the Kuih Kapit, I really do not know what the Penangites called them but I called them that for that simple reason they are kapit or sandwich together..I have tasted them before ages ago when my late mum made them..but this was later introduced by a classmate of mine, Paridah Moksin..OMG it was so good then, that when we made this journey to Penang, I told my hubby we have to make time to go to Batu Feringghi and find this awesome kuih.

Let me give you a roundup of how u can actually make them at home...I am going to try make them as soon as i know where to get the kuih bakul which is actually only available during Chinese New Year..haha..
If u can see the outer layers is a slice of orange tapioca and a slice of yam. Cut about 3.5 inches each and the kuih bakul is heart of it. After which u dip the whole sandwich in a batter for frying goreng pisang (the crispy one) and fry it. U have to eat it 5 minutes after u take it out of the oil because the kuih bakul will be soften and really hot n it might burn your tongue..Happy trying..

BUTTT if u feel like u really do not want to mess about in the kitchen, take a trip to Penang, go along Batu Feringghi and u check it out yourself..I think u have to go somewhere near the Maybank along Batu Feringghi. He sells his kuihs out of a white purpose built van.

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