Saturday, March 31, 2012


HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY TO FARAH DINAH - love u very much dear muahhhh...
and to ALIF , Alya's uhmm uhmm HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U too..

Was slaving away the whole day to make the whole occasion a successful one..thanks to my hubby, the kids and most of all my ever so loyal maid, Munah..

It is not easy to really make all this single-handedly but  Alhamdulillah it all ended all ready for the dinner. My menu for the nite was:
a. Roast Beef
b. Yorkshire Puddings (ended up not making)
c. French Onion Soup
d. Steam Broccoli
e. Caramelized Carrots
f. Dinner Rolls
g. Whipped Potato
h. Buttered Sliced French Loaf 
i. Brown Sauce
j. Green Salad

2 Birthday Cakes - yes 2 ( Farah's and Alif's)
Mini pavlovas

What a feast..!!! I love it when we have everyone of my kids and grand kids on the same table having dinner I will miss this when all of them have their own life which is just round the corner..sob sob..
This is what makes me very happy and satisfied all the sweat and hours toiling in the hot kitchen to be in that moment where everyone is around the table..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY u much, my first born :)
and Happy Birthday to Alif too, nice that u can join us..thanks

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