Thursday, March 29, 2012


Helloo...when I woke up this morning and saw a message " Good morning Kak Wan..Rise and shine..wakey.. hehehe a wake up call from my dear friend Mamafami..I was awake earlier in the morning but as soon as everyone is gone, jump back into bed for just a while..but..a while is not a while hehehe..

Anyway, woke up with  some ummphh after reading Mamfami's note and after watching my 'must watch' You-Tube songs n browsing through the net for recipes..I feel like cooking ahaaa..yes..n baking too..This recipe I got from one of the FB sorry I forgot to take note of the name of the person who posted it..anyway..this is the is a basic bread recipe..a lot different from the others, I think...the recipe is in Malay..uhmm I will put in the translation later.

ROTI ( doh ini blh di pelbagaikan intinya)
600gm tepung roti (high protein)
11gm yis
2 biji telur
200ml susu segar
200ml air suam + 200gm gula (kacau sehingga larut) - I think I used only about 300gm ++ only-dough very soft
50gm shortening
sedikit marjerin

1 biji kuning telur
3 sudu susu segar
sedikit minyak masak/jagung

* satukan tepung roti, yis dan telur... putar perlahan supaya sebati...
* masukkan susu segar dan air suam yg tlah dicampur dgn gula... putar lg sehingga adunan sekata...
* akhir sekali masukkan shortening dan marjerin kedalam adunan tadi dan terus putar selama 15minit (agak2 adunan ditarik tidak putus dan menjadi sekeping tidak terkoyak)
* uli dan rehatkan adunan supaya naik 2x ganda (lbh kurang 1jam)
* tumbuk2 supaya angin dikeluarkan....
uli dan isi intinya mengikut citarasa anda.... rehatkan doh dlm 1/2jam sebelum dibakar....
* sapukan glaze dan bakar dgn api atas dan bawah 150c slama 18minit...
* apabila dikluarkan dr oven sapu glaze sekali lg supaya lbih berkilat....

I made the following bread with 2 recipes of the above.

a) 10 pieces of sausage buns
b) 12 pieces of burger buns - huge ones..
c) 8 pieces of cheese roll buns - big ones too 

I would say the texture of the bread is soft and since I did not add all the sugar water and also we also take less sugar so the taste is just right. My kids finished everything in almost one seating except the burger buns which are for them to take to have for breakfast tomorrow morning...please give it a try but don't worry the bread is very soft and a bit difficult to handle but then the outcome is simply nice.

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