Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Steam Eggs

Simply awesome..easy peasy steam eggs..I forgot where I copied the recipe from but it is a keeper for my family, thanks to whoever it is that posted the recipe.

I was reluctant to try at first but my kids loves anything."egg" so I gave this a try and what a was simply lovely..a healthy way to eat eggs than the normal sunny side up or omelete.

Beat 2 large eggs , (at room temperature) in a shallow bowl/dish
season with a pinch of salt. 
Pour 180 ml lukewarm water to the beaten eggs and mix thoroughly . (I add a little more water because first time I did it , it come out soft but not as soft as I would like them to it is more of trial and error thingy)

Use a wire/plastic strainer to strain the mixture (for a smooth , velvety texture) .
Pour the mixture in a lightly oiled plate .
Cover with plastic wrap/foil or plate .
Steam for 10 to 15 minutes . Be sure to put a chopstick or a stick at the edge between the pan and the cover ( to let some of the steam escape thus preventing the top of the egg mixture to puff  up while the middle is still uncooked ) .
Sprinkle some diced spring onion at the top and a drizzle of light soy sauce . ( I drizzle more than a tablespoonful)
Serve hot .

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