Saturday, May 19, 2012


Today is Zaraa's first birthday..also coincide with our weekly family dining together..little Zaraa had not been well for a while now but today she is super energetic...and she can walk 2-3 steps on her own.. a big step for mankind.. hehehe

We wanted to do a birthday party for Zaraa but sis, Sarah, was not too pleased that her birthday is later so her mummy says we hold all celebrations till sis Sarah's birthday in June..celebrating again with Sarah then.

This Saturday we had roast lamb shoulders with boiled sweet potatoes, pasta salad, green peas, mushroom soup and garlic breads....burrrpppp...

Lastly, it has been a while since I bake a cake because of many of which is procrastination and the lazy bug has caught me .I have been wanting to make this rainbow cake for a while now. Alas, I have a reason to make one..when I was making it , I was unsure whether it would be a success  but alhamdulillah I am happy with the result.., the cake was soft and nice. The cake is a 10 x 10 cake with Italian buttercream and is 3 kg in weight.  The icing was also not as sweet  as the usual buttercream and compliments the cake.


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