Monday, January 14, 2013


Salam all,
 this recipe I copied and paste from Rima of Bisous A Toi 's FB..She said s, someone asked her for a short cut recipe, so she wrote it down on FB. I made it a bit runny but the kids loved it very much..this is a keeper..thanks again Rima.

2 cans of prego pasta sauce,
 bawang potong dadu..
Fresh tomato potong dadu..
Garlic 4 ulas crushed..
Ground beef 600g..
Olive oil..
Instant lasagna sheets,
1 can mushroom soup,
 1/2 cup double/whipping cream,
chilli flakes, dry parsley n basil, black pepper n salt

Heat olive oil.. Masuk bawang, garlic ..
Add fresh tomatoes, ground beef..
Once pale.. Add two cans of prego n all the herbs..
Simmer for a couple of mins.. Set aside..

Heat mushroom soup n cream.. Stir n set aside..

 In a large casserole dish.. U spread tomato/daging.. Tutup dgn lasagna sheets, spread tomato/daging, mozzarella cheese, tutup dgn lasagna sheets, pour cream base, tutup dgn lasagna sheets n spread top with tomato/daging n mozzarella cheese again..
 Bake on preheated oven 180c for 45min.. Grill top for a further 8mins..

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