Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lunch on 10.1.10

Sunday is normally a busy day for me..last year every Sunday is getting ready for lunch at home or in my FIL's house in Bangsar..also my 2nd Atik will be going back to SM Teknik Cheras before 6 pm.
Today my hubby says he will get his dad to come over for I made start with making the soup bayam, thinking my 84 year old FIL is old so food must be not spicy while most of us loved spicy food.

Bayam (local spinach) soup topped with fried ikan bilis.

To cater for those who love spicy food, I made Masak Lemak Rebung with cili padi..uhmm but cili padi let me down's not sooo hot.

Uhmm kids love the maid to look in the freezer for a fish that can feed at least 10 persons uhmm she came back with at first I want to steam but ended up deep frying the fish and bathed in soy sauce and garnish with spring onions and local parsley..hehehe actually overdoing on the sauce..

Another dish is stir fried vegetable with Japanese tofu, fishballs and crabsticks.

This is a must for the family...makan salad , timun and counter the other rich food on the table.

This is my own creation.Spicy honeyed prawn..I marinated the prawns about 600 gms with 2 tbsp of meat curry powder + 1 tbsp of oyster sauce + 1 tbsp of honey and put aside for at least 15 minutes.
Cut 2 bulbs into small rings and wash a handful of curry leaves. Heat up 3 tbsp of oil and fry the onion and curry leaves till soften. Add the prawns and's ready for the table..easy erk??

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