Sunday, January 10, 2010

New beginnings for a new year

This is a brand new year with many new beginnings for least.

I am supposed to loose weight uhmm..everybody hates that word WEIGHT ..yes that's right but I have got to through that journey for myself and my family. But then I love to cook since the last few years. I have in fact loved cooking since my college days but due to constraints like studies, work and later marriage. Yes then cooking was not my priority but I do cook, not as often as I wanted too. Had maids who, can really cook so I am happy or shall I say felt lucky to have them around then..

I had seven beautiful kids along the way. Two girls and five boys..age ranging from 10 to 22 years of age. My eldest daughter Farah is married and has a little girl named Sarah Aiesya who is now 3 and half years old. My second is Atik, going to be 17 this year and taking his SPM exams at the end of the year..then there is Alya a 15 going to 16..uhmmm at this age of wannabee 21..I think she did good for her recent PMR.surpassed what I'd she'd do..

I also have a set of twins aged 14 going 15 this year, Amir and Amar..non identical but very close to one another..especially Amir the elder of the two is soooo dependant on the younger brother Amar. They used to be very chubby uhhmm loved their chubbiness when they were younger but now they are very self concious of their outlook. Amar is more concerned about his looks so he does exercise etc but always weak in the knees when it comes to food..just like the Mama hehehe..

Amin, like the grandfather said means that we are ready to stop having kids..he is 12 going 13 this year and in Form 1 now..moving up in life and going into the phase of a teenager..but after saying all that he is one boy who really is very obedient and obliging..alas suddenly Aman was born. Atok said haaa...I though already amin now we have got Aman..who is now 10 going on 11 this year..the baby of the family. He is intelligent but very lazy..need to be pushed to study or do his home work.

Been working most of 20 odd years and have decided to call it quits. I was idling for a long while but decided to connect with my daughter, Farah through baking. She has the idea to do cupcakes for sale. We started way back in 2008..experimenting with colors, recipes and decorations..we moved on to do cupcakes in many ways/techniques, flavors and decorations. Went for lessons but can never get enough of taking them..

Enough of my ramblings for today..

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