Thursday, January 14, 2010


This is my past revisited. My late father used to love this pulut tanak with the accompanying condiments of young grated coconut, sambal cili kering and fried salted fish..well now my kids love them very much..of course there's me..can never get enough of it..sigh**

a) For those who don't know what is pulut's actually glutinous rice boiled with water, above the level of rice, in a closed pot. Once it has cooked, throw away the excess water . Turn the pot bottoms up whilst being closed. leave it like that for about 10 minutes so that all the excess water will drain out. Serve.

b) Sambal cili kering

20 pcs of dried chillies, deseeded and dip in hot water till soft.
2 inches belacan
salt and sugar to taste

Pound the above with a batu tumbuk (suddenly forgot wht's it is called..well u know what I mean) till well mixed.

c) Salted fish

Just fry the salted fish and pound the fried salted fish just to break it up..I used salted Ikan Talang..or any salted fish will do.

d) Fresh grated coconut

Use the white fresh grated ones will do.

To assemble just put a bit of each as per the picture above.

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