Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mango with Milk

A tribute to my late Pak aka brothers and me grew up in a house surrounded by it's like everything mango - just eat them fresh, have them with glutinous rice and santan..yum.yum.., make it into a late father's favorite past time and most of all he loves this after food. A dessert which is easy to make and always reminds me of my late dad..
Boughts some mangos from Chow Kit but alas some are still not ripe but those lush mushy ripe ones..uhmmm..on a hot day with cold milk..just remove the skin and cut the mangoes anyway u like to..and pour the cold milk (has to be fresh milk only - mine now was low fat but cold) and a sprinkle of salt. uhmmm salvating when I think of them. We really enjoy this simple dessert very2 much.

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