Monday, April 23, 2012

Bread making ..with Mamazieza

Those above are made when I attended Mamazieza's class early April recently to be exact 7th April at Lea Oven's in Kota Warisan..we spend the whole day together baking a lot of breads I think 8 types all together. Very tiring but overall a satisfying day..we get to bring home the breads..hehehe..thank you Mamazieza..

Look at my Roti Benggali ..very nice isn't it not? I am so proud of myself..weeee......

These are MINE made at home.. my roti naik ala Mamazieza..well risen and smooth , soft texture..very nice indeed..I called it the musim Meroti..My adventures of making roti is still at a stand still as I have encountered a lazy phase..uhmmm the time

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