Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Been here and there..Done this and that..

Over the last few years, my time was spent on baking, cake decorating and sugar art..OMG I was into it for the longest time..(never actually do one thing for a long time so wondering when I will get fed up of it)..answer is NO..surprisingly ..must be I have slightly matured (hehehe do not wanna admit even though I am already more than half a century old)..anyway, I got hooked into reading novels for a while..hah..I just cannot concentrate on anything else except books..was reading more and more ..also fueled by my friend, MamaF as she was also into reading novels..both of us were happily challenging each other on the number of books read and also books which are worth having a read..tears and the emotional trappings of reading romantic novels..then came the sudden silence on both end ( I guess both of us suddenly got busy and also loss concentration for novels)..I bought a number of books and now ended up with half read books..still needing my attention. is the sewing phase..hehehe..suddenly I got the urge to sew again..Sewing has been quite a passion for me when I as young. Looking and watching my late mum sewing my dresses and cushion covers etc etc..women then have to know a lot of skills, baking, sewing, looking after kids ..very tiring late mum used to sew bedding and stuff for the weddings. She also can make mosquito nets that hand over your bed when u sleep at nite ( we require them then..can do without air conditioning fact do not know what is that also hehe..nowadays kids cannot live without them and so do we)

So my sewing journey begins with sewing my grand daughter's dresses. Actually I was quilty I forgot to buy anything for them for the last Raya. So I thought I could make it up by going and buy them...waaa just a simple cotton dress can cost you RM30-40..I thought I would save some money and make them myself..would be more meaningful..I guess. So tradaaaa...I am pleasantly surprised myself..

Made for Sarah, the 6 year old and Zaraa, the 18 months old babe.

Look at Zaraa prancing around in her dress..she loves this one as it is pink..Sarah like pink i just too bad for now she doe have much hair (**sigh**)

3rd project which I finished the other was a little bit too long for her but looks good ( I might say :P) on her..

Only thing I am not happy now very difficult to get good colorful cotton materials..v have to import them...very bothersome indeed..but one of these days I will have to indulge in that too if I am seriously into sewing too..

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