Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Apam Nasi aka Apam Ekonomi

Dah lama nk try this apam but never got round to it..anyway, pleasantly surprised that it actually turn out good.  Klu u go to pasar Ramadhan, u only get those yg mekar tu..I love those.This apam does not have that mount on top though..but good and soft. Very easy..cannot remember where I got it from..thanks to whoever u are..

2 cwan nasi 
1 1/2 cwan gula
3 cwan air
1 peket yis
3 cwantpung beras
1 cwan tpung gandum 

Cara :

a) blend nasi,gula,air n yis.tapis n campo dgn tepung.
b) perap 2_3 jam.
c) warna kan sesuka ati n tuang dlm acuan.
d) kukus 15 minit.
e) hidang dgn kelapa parut

Happy Trying..

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