Monday, July 30, 2012

Buka Puasa 28.7.2012

This was Saturday 21 st July's buka puasa...we had a visitor joining us for buka ie. Alya's friend, Alif..uhmmm look at Zaraa's facial she understands that posing for a camera is something exciting...she'd make her normal hand gesture..requesting to look at the picture on the camera..

We had ala kampung fusion food..misguided I might today..when u read below then u would realise the dishes do not compliment each other. What was I thinking about...OMG, my menu planning is down the drain today..

a) Patin masak tempoyak ( 2nd try this week)
b) Sayur asam ubi keladi;
c) Mango kerabu;
d) Tempe and tauhu goreng;
e) Ayamas chicken wing;
f) Sagu with kelapa;
g) Lompang;
h) Blotok;
i) Tepung pelita ( Farah bought these)
j) Watermelon juice;
k) Soyabean

  Zaraa and her antics..
Boys digging in..
The patin tempoyak and ibu keladi masak asam..

Tepung Pelita which Farah bought at a stall along Jalan Kuching first try...tadaaaa...

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