Monday, July 30, 2012

Buka puasa on 29.7.2012

After making a boo boo on the menu for Saurday nite, I asked hubby whether we can go for Arab food at The Half Moon, nearby his office and also near to Alya's Uni..she has to go back to college after berbuka..
But then, we decided that it will be too troublesome to go there so I ended up making the Arab food at home. Browsing through the internet and I found the recipe from Secubit Garam's sedap..
but her condiments was just the sauce..we love having gravy with our rice so I made vegetable dalca as an accompaniment to it.

a) Nasi Kabsa Ayam
b) Sos nya
c) Dalca sayur
d) Sagu with kelapa ( yesterday's - buat skit dia jadi next time kena half kan resipe)
e) Lompang - balance of yesterday's
f) Kuih pelita
g) Putu pirings ( bought)
h) grapes
i) Blackcurrant drink
j) Air sirap bandung

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