Sunday, July 22, 2012

Girls Day out on 20 July 2012

Woke up in the morning thinking that it was a nice day to stay in and later to go and do some shopping for the a call from one of girlfriends and we agreed that Friday is not a good day to go to KL especially nearing to Ramadhan and everybody is flocking to the city for their last minute shopping...until I got a call from Nord..I definitely cannot turn her down now, can I??? So I picked her up in Kota Damansara and off we go ...surprise jam..hehehe 

So it was a lovely day after all...meeting up with the girls are usually laced with lots of chatter, laughs usually at ourselves,good food..and it ended quite soon but alas every one has got to go back to work and our commitments.

Thanks to Datin Shamsiah for sponsoring the lunch at Royal Lake Club, thanks to the rest - Rosnah, Mastura, Noralina and Nord for attending and Milah for making the arrangements with Datin ..

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