Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mille Feuille

Does anyone know of Mille Feuile?? My hubby's favorite ( after 30++ years now I know that he loves this dessert..) he asked me whether I know of them ..I said of course I know this dessert..uhmm..looked it up again with the help of Mr Google..and found the definition through Wikipedia..
The mille-feuille (French pronunciation: [mil fœj], "thousand sheets"),[1] cream slice, custard slice, also known as the Napoleon, is a pastry of Frenchorigin.
Traditionally, a mille-feuille is made up of three layers of puff pastry (pâte feuilletée), alternating with two layers of pastry cream (crème pâtissière), but sometimes whipped cream, or jam are substituted. The top pastry layer is dusted with confectioner's sugar, and sometimes cocoa, or pulverized seeds (e.g. roasted almonds). Alternatively the top is glazed with icing or fondant in alternating white (icing) and brown (chocolate) stripes, and combed.
But this is my simplified version of the dessert. I just made two layers of puff pastry and pastry cream and topped with strawberries..there are actually many ways and types of mille feuille as well as many versions of toppings..below is first time I made the dessert. very happy that hubby loves it too.

This is the second time, I add a bit of almond bits on top..

Zaraa seems to like it but what a mess ..when a toddler try to eat mille feuille hihihi she just like to eat or lick the pastry cream...Sarah seem to like it too..

 Zaraa showing how to eat mille feuille..

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