Friday, August 19, 2011

12th day Ramadhan

Today hubby nak belanja makan luaq...yaayyyy "NO COOKING TODAY"...legaaaa..

Baguih jugak, we have those yang kat hostel back for the weekend to join us..the more the merrier and I love it when everyone we went tou our local favorite, Johnny's steamboat lah apa lagi..nasib baik in time for berbuka but still we have to wait a bit for the drinks and food to come..
The birthday boys..dah lapaqqq...

Zaraa pon nk ber-steambot jugakkk.. :)

Amin my 6th child, all grown up too..will be celebrating his 14th birthday soon.
There's Aman, my youngest at farthest left, Alya my 3rd, and Amir and Amar..of course not forgetting first grand-daughter..

There is Atik, my 2nd in the family..with Amin..all waiting to eat heheheThere's me and my eldest Farah and Zaraa, dah 2nd grand child..
There u have it..hubby, Razif and Amin now trying to finish the steam boat..

We had a good time makan2 together all 7 plus us and 2 cucus..blisss.. :)

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