Friday, August 19, 2011

18th day of Ramadhan

Today hubby is outstation..p again a free and easy day for us..and also my three boys g sekolah ada berbuka puasa at the school.

I wanted to eat Koay Teow soup and the kids nak nasi I pun bagitau maid prepare for these two different menu..I bought Koay Teow Ipoh - very soft, white and nice..
Ni condiments nasi lemak..just plain nasi lemak aja lah..

Amar, one of the twins, asked me "Mama, letih ke?" with a smile..I said naper? Bolih tolong bake a carrot cake, nak bawa p sekolah. So here it is dah buat one resepi and dia kata x made another resepi..tu pon it seems x cukup ..

Dalam kesibukan tu, tingat lak, my friends daughter Shazwina duk tanya auntie tau ka buat cake yg sort of rainbow cake I made this..syok jugak and taste nice too..

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