Sunday, August 21, 2011

21st day of Ramadhan

Salam..hi all...ahaaaa I dah very updated dah with my daily activities..come 21st has been an absolutely lazy day for me..sesungguhnyer macam mata x mau buka tpi tau kita dah less than 10 ari nak Raya..umah lom cuci, baju belum siap lagi, kueh Raya jauh skli dari siap..**sigh**

Due to malas mood that I am food is minimalist ajee..Spaghetti Bolognese jer no meatballs pon..just gravy jer,...but after a long while sedap jugak..also for my daughter, Alya to take back to her hostel, sian kena masuk before 6pm masak awai la sikit just for her.

Got some pisang yang duk kat fridge tu..buat cucoq kodoks..

And surprisingly after balik dari Tesco, my daughter, Farah, cakap buat lah Pizza bun to compliment the pasta tu..haaa tup tup mood rajin tu mai buat lah 30 pcs of pizza bun..uhmm we finish about 20 of them during buka youngest makan ini jer , I think he had 4 pieces at one go...he must really suka klu x memang x makan nyer.

Of course, we are still not over pavlova..this is the 3rd day, we are having pavlovas. Ni yang buat semalam, cuma beli strawberry and potong2 and makan2..

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