Friday, August 19, 2011

19th day of Ramadhan

This is the 19th day, it gets more and more busy we get nearer to Raya..**sigh** kuih raya entah kemana lagiii..belom mula pon...

Ini one of my favorite too< arwah mak selalu masak for us this dish whenever I balik umah kat Alor Staq dulu2 ni...Ayam pedas masak bunga kincam..sedap sebab bunga kincam tu masam2 sikit and kuah pedas..

Ni favorit yang di masak berulang kali - yang ni ubi merah tempura, ada jugak mushroom..Ni sambal belacan dengan ulam rebung dan timun..
Masak lemak rebung with cili padi..awesome and pedas!!!Made some soup sayur..only way I can get the kids to eat sawi..with soft taufu, soohoon and some fried fucuk..uhmmm we manage to finish it...:)

Pavlova..pavlova cannot get enough of it..this one is topped with passion fruit..the acidity of the passion fruit really works very well with the pavlova..sedap gilerrrsss!!! I am going to keep making them for a while..maybe we will have them for Raya too..

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