Friday, August 19, 2011

17th day Ramadhan

Hubby was looking forward to eat some kemarok fries..kena lah buat something that compliments his craving for fries..

So this is it..

My beef patties..I took the recipe from my favorite cookbook, by Rachel Allen..sedaps. :)

The fries and bread are store bought though.

Some cut tomatoes, cucumbers and onions to compliment the burger.
Owwhhh I have to make the mushroom soup to go with it..hehehe
Still for those who wants to take a light meal, have a bowl of salad and salad cream to go with it.
For dessert, we had another batch of cempedak gorings and serawa pumpkin. Klu x kenyang x tau lah lagiii..but again my maid cooked some rice for Amir, the whatever happen must have rice person..

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