Friday, August 19, 2011

13th day of Ramadhan

The 13th day was a Saturday and I decided I do not want to cook and went to OU with Alya and Sabrina , her friend to look for Raya stuff..uhmmm..nothing much that we decided to go to Selayang Mall instead..haaa there it is more meriah and lots of Raya stuffs to look at..we had fun just going round and round..till we got so tired by the time it was time to go back. I bought HJ Samuri satay for berbuka..satay chicken, beef and peruts..

Look at the table..serabuts it was amost time, hubby came back and bought some kuih from pasar Ramadhan in Melawati..
This dish is asparagus stir fried with sambal belacan..owwhhh yummy..wahhh..witn satay, ada lak orang nak makan nasi jugaks..uhmmm taht is why we have to cook some dishes to go with the nasi,.

Ni lah yang d beli from pasar ramadhan Melawati..Ikan masak asam pedas..(can't remember ikan apa), kerabu daun selom, some kuihs..putu buloh in the palstic wrapper, kuih kasui ( punya la x sedap..pahit bangats), pulut sambal and some kuih koci. The pasar Melawati pon is not what it used to be..**sigh** and also the satar..I x pandai makan dia.
Baru teringat, I made the cake for them only today..sponge cake layered with fresh cream and kiwis..yums..but x larat nak makan dahh..terkenyang makan.. :(

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