Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hari ke 8 Ramadhan

The Ramadhan fever is still very strong and mood to cook for today was good, therefore, the many dishes for the berbuka.
One of Ramadhan's favorite dishes - Masak lemak ikan masin with nenas. Susah jugak as we are not able to taste the gravy ..don't know whether it will turn out salty or for this dish today turn out bland :(..I must have soaked the salted fish a bit too long hehehe..anyway, better to be less salt and adjust rather than salty and cannot do anything about it..
Chicken dish to day is a mix with bryani, masala and some spices marinade and fried with the juices..quite good and spciy :)
UHmmm this dish is for the days when u feel malas to eat..anything else..ikan masin goreng with cili and onions.
The ulam raja dan peria katak with sambal..
This is my all time favorite, Acar rebung that can be eaten upto 3-4 days after making them. Resepi dah boh dah d bawah sana.

I think I also made fried fish and drizzle with soya sauce..topped with lots of coriande leaves..yum yum.

For dessert - savory one is popiah goreng and sweet is cucoq kodok pisang :)

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