Friday, August 19, 2011

15th day of Ramadhan

Today I left home about 5.00am after sahur for the airport..balik kampong day..for some work with my brother..took the 7.05am Air Asia flight and arrived about 8am..Alor Star ws bright as can be :).

Spend the day in Alor Star and we took the 9.55 pm flight back..yes 9.55pm wohhh.. we had iftar at the airport brother's friend sent us back to the airport and we stayed there till the time to board..susah kan nanti bulan puasa..terawih and we told him just leave us there at the airport..we ordered Nasi goreng with ikan masin and it came like this..sedap jugaks lah dh lapaq nihhh..hehehe..we also had watermelon jus and after that a glass of teh tariks..
Sambil nak masuk the waiting lounge sempat laks ternampak "Jerok Maman" , one of my favorite, reminded me of home sweet home..terus nak beli sepuloh botoi hehehe..of course lah camner nk carry bebanyak laks.. bought 2 botol..enough to satisfy my craving for it..

Ni secrets revealed kuih "Makmor", the old fashioned way...kita angkut balik KL..and penats angkat naik and turun kapal terbang but it is all worth it..

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