Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hari ke 7 Ramadhan

Hari ini kita semua pergi umah my father-in-law berbuka posa. It is a family gathering buka posa with the rest of the family members, in-laws, nephews and nieces tpi x ramai pon lah, just 2 families..our share of the buka posa spread is gulai siam udang, gambaq yg I ambik kat dapoq jer lah yg ada.. :( , kerabu taugeh (again??) and ayam goreng ala kassim..

plus some cream puffs from semalam and the chocolate cake, kali ni dah boh frosting..nasib baik dah frosted and bawa sekali..abissss alhamdulillahhh..
oooopppss tersilap ari lakk..hehehe

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