Saturday, August 20, 2011

20th day Ramadhan

Today, some of us went shopping..jalan2 again to Selayang Mall..dh malas p OU and The Curve. Anyway, here the admosphere is really Raya..lots of people shopping..especially kids stuffs..seronok tengok thier happy faces..because of the afternoon strolling in the mall, it was almost 530pm before we started back home. I guess cannot do much cooking so hubby says he will get Kentucky and we just make some nasi goreng..hahaha another day of x masak yahooo..

The barrel is alrady sitting on the table by 645pm..I made papaya drink..just mix half papaya with 2-3 tbsp of sweetened condensed milk and give it a whirl in the blender for 2-3 minutes..and there u have a lovely papaya drink. U can also add some lemon juice to give it a twist..
I made my own coleslaw as additional to the store bought and also cut the balance of the papaya and some mangoes for the fruit platter.
The kids got their way with their abah..talked him into buying diet coke la apa lagiii...hehehe

Lastly, highlight of the evening is the strawberry and mango pavlova ..sedap but not as good as the passion fruit pavlova..sebenar nyer dah tamak buat 2 biji pavlova tu...nk makan banyak2 tapi x termakan jugaks..hehehe kenyanggg...dalam masa yang sama, I kuar ke Jaya Grocers, Damansara Perdana nak beli passion fruit..but sungguh kecewa..xde passion fruit..jurujual tu kata "come back next week" dissappointing..:(

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