Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BUKA PUASA 12.8.2012

Today, the kids went out with the Abah to buy some baju raya..after all the huhhahh, mama forgot about the baju rayas altogether..uwaaaa...I tailored their baju melayu but forgot about others. What is raya for the kids without new clothes and stuff??

I was left at home with the maid, making my debut kuih raya..from the long list of potentials..

My menu for today was:

a) Ayam percik ( repeat request);
b) Sambil ikan bilis with petai (Alya's request);
c) Tuna fish salad;

Was going to start on something else but when I saw the kids brought in what food they purchased at
the Bazaar Ramadhan, I stop making any more dishes..look at the amount of food they bought. The dad as complaining I don't know hat these kids bought. I paid more than RM60 for all these..ala dad pun first time the kids got to the Bazaar for the whole month..believe it or not by sahur almost everything was gone.

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