Thursday, August 2, 2012

Buka puasa on the 1.8.2012

Wooww...good morning everyone.. it is already almost 2 weeks that we have been fasting. How time flies..
Look at my darling grand daughter Sarah..she had and is still having chicken pox ..her mum doused her with calamine lotion to prevent her from scratching herself..what a sight but I am quite thankful that she had it now rather than nearer to Syawal..

Main table look spare today..tired of making lots of dishes hehehe.
Anyway, my buka puaa menu for today is..oopss I got the order of the picture of the food upside down :

a)  Karipap Sardin ( watch for the recipe later)
b) Bread Pudding and vanilla sauce ( watch for the recipe later too - good)
c) Long bean stir fried in soya sauce
d) Air asam for the fish
e) Ikan bakar - Talapia and Siakap
f) Orange, Soya bean drinks

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