Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BUKA PUASA 9.8.2012

I as looking through my blog and realised I left out 9.8.2012..OMG that's one day of my life. I suppose it gets busier nearer to the end of Ramadhan as everyone is getting ready to celebrate Syawal.

Anyway, menu for the 9th is as follows:

a) Mee Jawa 
( my first time making it and taste nice but  I think I prefer Laksam to this, hehehe..sssooo not like change);
b) Chinese fried rice for those who still yearns for rice;
c) keropoks
d) Popiah basah ( another first time..lovely)
e) Jelly cendol ( yesterdays or day before buka dessert)
f) Watermelon juice

This is how it looks like after assembling the condiments.
My popiah basah
The other side of the table featuring Chinese Fried Rice and keropoks
Cendol jelly

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