Sunday, August 5, 2012

Buka puasa 4.8.2012

we are already more than half way through our fasting I am very happy because I have done part of the work the night before for today's meal so I am more relaxed in making the rest of the meal. Most of my kids are at home and it really pleases me when we have everyone at the table. All the hard work of preparing the meal is gone when I see the faces around the table.
The table today looks very forbidding ..full to the bream with food and heavy too..
We visited Father in Law today, Alhamdulillah he is ok and he smiled at us..owhh very happy to see him beaming at us. Pity he cannot eat any solid food..Hubby bought some flat breads and he still insist on Beryani.. wokey, lucky I have ample time to do everything on time.

The buka puasa menu is :

a)  Nasi Beryani
b) Tandoori Chicken
c) vegetable Curry
d) Garden Salad
e) Tomato cucumber salsa
f) Chutney for the Tandoori Chicken
g) Flat breads
h) Fresh fruit with ice cream.

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