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The actual recipe comes from Three Hungry Tummies and I have amended to suit my Kedah taste. Anyay, my late mum used to make these for us but it is more elaborate than this recipe so I marry the recipes accordingly. Today I cannot find any good fish and also I was rather tight in terms of time management therefore I bought salmon steaks and some prawns for this dish. Turn out quite well and loved by my household..( surprise..surprise)

600 g of white fleshed fish, cubed ( Salmon cut into pieces and about 10 large prawns)
3 kaffir lime leaves, finely shredded
3 bird chillies, julienne (did not put this for the benefit of the kids)
6 tbs of coconut cream, whipped (also did not put this)
6 pakchoy or Chinese cabbage leaves, tender parts only ( I used roman lettuce instead)
1/2 cup of Thai basil (did not use these too)

for the curried custard;
4 eggs ( add extra 2 eggs)
10 tbs of red curry paste ( I don't have these at home)
12 tbs of coconut milk
4 tbs of fish sauce
6 kaffir lime leaves, chopped
3 tbs of palm sugar ( add normal sugar but halved it)
4 tbs of corn flour

2 lemongrass
1 inch of galanghal **
3 garlic **
1 onion **
2 tbsp of cili paste **

** I added this
P/s what i added is to replace the red curry paste.

Place all custard ingredients in a food processor/blender and blend til well combined.
Line bowls or ramekins with pakchoy leaves then add in Thai basil and fish pieces. You can of course use a large bowl for this.Pour the custard mixture over. Use a spoon to make sure fish pieces are well coated with the mixture.
Steam for 30 minute on very gentle heat (you will end up with tough custard and fish with rapid boil)
Spoon 2 tbs of whipped coconut cream and scatter some julienne kaffir lime leaves and chillies over.
Serve immediately as part of a Thai meal.
Tender juicy fish coated with fragrant soft curried custard.
Aroy mak!

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