Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mixed Fruit Parfait

This is specially dedicated to those who like to overbuy fruits, especially..

I have been on a buying spree of  fruits and of course fasting month, you cannot really eat that much. so my fridge is like overstock with fruits. 

I do not know whether u can call thee parfaits but who cares...sounds like a nice name to give to it..

Anyway, very simple and easy and do not take too much of your time..but I must say, it is not really healthy but never mind leave the sins behind and enjoy this gorgeous dessert. Also one way to get the kids to eat fruits..

Cut and diced any fruit that u have in the fridge, especially the over ripe ones and toss them in a bowl. For the above I had sharon fruits, honey dew, grapes and pears..below pix, I had grapes, honey dew, strawberries, pears and anything will will turn out good.

Just put a cup of ice cream soda and about 8-10 scoops of vanilla ice cream and you mix them up with the diced fruits..and it is done..pssstt..if u find the scoops are so little, just add a few more scoops..hehehe and enjoyy...

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